Welcome to Sean Brannan LLC, a veteran owned company based in Buckeye, Arizona!

Sean Brannan LLC was started in 2018 by Sean Brannan, a disabled combat veteran, as a culmination of hobbies he loves; guns, knives, woodworking, and wearing cool cloths! 

Much more than hobbies, Sean Brannan LLC is his way of giving back, helping those in need, supporting America, and sharing his Faith in God through Christ Jesus.

We offer unique, rare, and high quality American Made products that not only make outstanding tools but perfect gift ideas as well!

Why Buy From Us?

When you buy from Sean Brannan LLC, you are supporting America… hard working Americans doing what they do to provide for their families. Not only that, but we also go out of our way to work with businesses owned and/or operated by veterans or first responder. Why? To support our brothers and sisters to spread the wealth so that we can all succeed – not through handouts, through hard work and relationships! 

So when you buy our products, you are helping to support fellow Americans, our veterans, first responders, and homeless youth organizations through our Rugged Cross line of apparel. 

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to share God’s love for us as demonstrated by Jesus’ finished work at the cross (Romans 5:8), to support America and the constitution on which it was founded, to support our veterans and first responders who are supporting us daily, to support those in need whom we can reach, and do all of this by building relationships with you, our amazing customers, and giving you superior quality, unique, and rare products.